Breaking through the issue "silos"

What JAMN fully recognizes and seeks to address is that, as a consequence of the fossil fuel industry's support for political extremists, there is a parallel and growing level of injustice in our social, economic and democratic systems. 

It is increasingly clear that racism, voter suppression, mass incarceration and immigrant's rights are integral to the growth of destructive climate politics. We therefore promote fusion political unity: the climate movement must – for both moral and strategic reasons - diversify and broaden to embrace social and economic justice, and join the fight to reform and protect the democratic process.

The JAM Network stands, as a beloved community of social change, with those who struggle for social equality, economic justice, immigration rights reform, environmental justice, and immediately stopping mass criminalization and racist police brutality.  JAMN also supports our brothers and sisters fighting for universal health care, full employment, fair wages, expanding the middle class and Social Security, and ending wars of aggression. 


We further recognize that without fighting to preserve democracy we cannot win the battles ahead. Therefore we are dedicated to ending voter suppression, gerrymandering, stolen elections, and the corruption of money in politics that serves the interests of powerful polluters, and maintain the hegemony of wealthy exploiters of the working poor and middle class.

We know that only by building such a diverse, multi-racial, multi-issue and multi- faith democracy network, will the climate justice movement turn the tide politically, and have a significant impact on the make-up of Congress, the White House, and on state and local government and policies.


There is good news: parts of the solutions to systemic social injustices are also the solutions to our climate crisis.

JAMN is developing a legislative and political strategy that simultaneously addresses both the issue of carbon emissions mitigations, and tackling poverty through job creation. Our Climate / Green Jobs resolution will be the cornerstone of a multi-level political strategy that builds a grass roots political arm of the climate movement, while fighting poverty and confronting the out-of -control injustice suffered by people of color, addressing homelessness, and building green sustainable communities. Our Town Hall strategy offers us a vehicle for education and mobilization.