by Ben Zion Ptashnik
JAMN Co-Founder

Because we have a farm and orchard here in the central highlands of Mexico, we are dependent on the rains and vulnerable to the weather. 

In the past years we have seen extreme thunderstorms, rainfall and hail, as well as  the most powerful hurricane ever recorded in the Western Hemisphere (Patricia). 

We attribute all these events to the increased temperature in the equatorials Pacific waters just to the South and West of Mexico, the area from which prevailing wind patterns control our weather. (see NOAA map in attached Daily Kos article).

See Daily Kos article

This year our usually dry winter-spring (Dec to May) had over 50 rain events, whereas historically during those months we have had 5-10 rains. Many of the local farmers (most of whom are indigenous / Mestizo) have started planting Maize in April instead of May, foregoing a planting tradition that dates back over 5,000 years in this region.

And as I mentioned before, last year our peach trees flowered and fruited in Dec- January; almost two months early. This year they flowered in October and November. 

But if we get a hard frost, which we do get just about every winter, our fruit crop will be destroyed. Last year we lost half of our early peaches to frost.

This type of disruptive effect on agriculture is unprecedented, and does not bode well for humanity's ability to feed itself. The CA and NC drought are a primary example of this shift. As was the Syrian drought that led to the civil war in that country.

Our struggle is so super-important.

Lets keep JAMN!!!