How Do You Mobilize a Movement?

Fusion Politics

We believe in a “fusion politics” climate justice movement bound together with faith-based ministries, civil rights and social justice advocates, as an extended family and beloved community of social change.

Traditional activist "issue silos" are guaranteed to fail against a far more organized opposition.

We must define and expose the link between climate justice and ending poverty, economic inequality, mass incarceration, homelessness, racism, democratic corruption and social injustice.

In this way we will create a diverse and powerful people's movement that enrolls working families and communities of color to create a critical mass for climate justice.

JAMN needs to convince as many people as possible that to fight this climate battle we must build political critical mass; a strategy that merges the mostly white environmental, peace and democracy movements with the mostly diverse social justice and civil rights movements. 

We must align around a plan of action that immediately addresses the urgency of climate change, while offering solutions to poverty, joblessness, and socio-economic injustice - bread and butter issues that affect everyone’s daily lives.

The organizing strategy should support and further (through education and action) numerous related social justice issues such as mass incarceration, indigenous rights, immigration rights, etc.