Understanding the Common Threats

Climate Change is accelerating rapidly, threatening all ecological, agricultural, and economic stability on the planet. Yet the majority of Americans are dealing with more immediate priorities and issues; lack of jobs, feeding and educating their children, paying the rent, health problems, accelerating police brutality, racism and injustice, etc.

Most people, particularly in working and middle class families, see climate as a far-off crisis, if they recognize it at all. Average citizens do not understand that the dire short-term consequences are already underway; floods, droughts, crop damages, extreme temperatures, erratic weather, more powerful storms, etc.

Understanding the Common Political Enemy

Americans also do not yet comprehend the direct interconnection between the political forces that are attacking them economically, racially, and socially, while at the same time undermining the planet’s ecological balance and halting a political response to climate change: The nexus between the Tea Party, ALEC, climate denial, Koch brothers, austerity and privatization, and demolition of the social safety net.

The fossil fuel industry and their political allies are well organized. Extremist and racist politicians have gained obscene financial resources from fossil fuel billionaires like the Koch brothers, large Wall Street banks and international corporations.

They have packed the Federal and State Courts, and further rigged the democratic system by passing regressive election-financing and Jim Crow voter suppression rulings.

They have recently won numerous Gubernatorial elections and taken over state legislatures based on questionable and unverifiable corporate-controlled electronic voting results.

They have illegally gerrymandered state and federal electoral districts to perpetuate their dominance over state government and Congress.