Climate Solutions: Green New Deal

The JAMN-proposed Green New Deal legislation addresses many immediate family needs, creating an estimated 5 million jobs in energy efficiency, solar, wind and other renewable energy development, dramatically reducing poverty and related incarceration rates. This is specifically promoted by the key goal of 50% renewable energy by 2030 that is in our climate- jobs resolution; a key part of our mission.

By promoting the Green New Deal legislation, we simultaneously address carbon pollution and related health problems, while also creating training programs and jobs (both construction and administrative).  We need to point to the fact that climate mitigation, particularly when we convert from coal plants to solar plants, creates jobs in solarizing residential housing, hospitals, schools, colleges, street lighting, and municipal buildings, sports arenas, etc. This job-creating is the essential counter argument to coal workers or other in the fossil fuel industry losing their jobs. 

Specific job creation goals: 50 % by 2030, 3-5 million Green Jobs

  • Training workers to build and maintain industrial solar and wind farm power plants to replace coal and gas plants
  • Training workers to design, sell, install and administer small commercial solar projects
  • Training workers to solarize municipal buildings, community colleges, schools, public universities, institutions, hospitals and churches, community centers, and public and private housing.
  • Training workers to build new solarized public housing and refurbish existing housing and buildings with energy efficiency and solar technology.

In addition, we can support creating jobs in public housing, public banks, and local sustainable agriculture as vital components of responding to climate change and poverty, creating healthy jobs and building community resiliency.