A Systemic and Moral Crisis


Global climate change is the greatest threat facing the Earth’s fragile ecosystems and human civilization, yet many politicians believe it is 50 or 100 years away, or perhaps that it is even a hoax.  This, despite the warning by the majority of climate scientists that if we don't act decisively now, climate chaos will likely bring dislocation or mass extinction of many species, including the human race. Severe weather changes are already manifesting now, with droughts, extreme heat or cold, storms, and accelerated species extinction.

This confusion and inaction is not accidental. Unfortunately a greedy class of oil and coal barons, led by the Koch brothers and their political allies in the US Chamber of Commerce and the Tea Party, are perpetrating a crime against humanity; a deliberate misinformation campaign that is effectively preventing action to save our planet's delicate ecological balance.  

In fact the same PR firms that perpetrated deception for the tobacco industry, directly causing the death and ill health of millions, are now engaged in the well-oiled climate denial complex, using the same aggressive misinformation campaigns that for decades successfully stopped tobacco restrictions. They are duplicating the tobacco industry's decades-long propaganda hoax, denying climate change just like the tobacco dealers denied that smoking causes cancer. 

Their climate denier"astro-turf" organizations are funded through secretive dark-money PACs - corrupt influence-peddling campaign donations. They have effectively stalemated critically needed climate legislation.