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Nakisa Glover, JAMN National Field Coordinator

Nakisa Glover, JAMN National Field Coordinator


North Carolina is the epicenter of the environmental justice movement and is the model for bringing JAMN to other communities across the nation

Fusion Movement building North Carolina
How do we build a fusion movement in North Carolina around climate mitigation? While the main focus of the Charlotte Town Hall is the climate issue, what are additional local issues: Homelessness? Criminal justice and mass incarceration? Voter suppression? Expanding Medicare? Women’s rights? Asking these questions is essential: This is key to the process of determining what potential issues and partners within local social justice and economic/ poverty will resonate in coalition building. In some states or cities JAMN can start or facilitate new JAM Networks.  In others, where coalitions are already active, JAMN can join or assist in the expansion of such networks. Local JAMN steering committees could be formed drawing from existing network partners. FIRST JAMN TOWN HALL: Charlotte, North Carolina, October 3rd 2015  Location: Little Rock AME Zion Church

Charlotte, North Carolina is the first “model” JAMN Town Hall meeting, working with local activists and organizations. 

Other cities in NC could follow with their own Town halls, to help grow a state-wide strategy. North Carolina is a vector for discrimination in the justice system, suppression of women's rights, racist voter suppression laws, coal power plants located in poor communities which cause health issues, and a conservative right wing government which refuses to accept medicaid expansion and federal unemployment benefits. All these issues have been addressed by the Moral Mondays campaign with the exception of legislative and electoral strategy.

A successful Charlotte and NC JAMN Town Hall strategy meeting would include the following guiding questions: How do we address poverty and joblessness and climate all at once? How can the climate resolution help in reaching the goal of full employment? Why is North Carolina in drought conditions? Why is coal ash such a problem, and asthma such a problem? Why is unemployment so high and why are we not creating new jobs in the energy industry?

Political / Electoral strategy
How do we pass local, state, and federal legislation and get candidates elected who will fight for climate mitigation? For example: Do we approach the Charlotte City Council and Mayor?  The County Commission? State Reps and Senators? Federal Reps and Senators?


The JAM network is now funded to hire three staff members, including National Coordinator Joel Segal.  We want to increase this to 5-10 full time position ASAP. It is hoped that we can hire ten state/ regional organizers; experienced activists who have proven their ability to mobilize citizen coalitions for climate, social and economic justice. These new staff organizers will each be responsible for starting JAM Network Town Hall meetings or conferences, and assisting in catalyzing the local and state JAM coalitions/ networks that come out of those meetings/conferences. 


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