Thinking Globally, Acting Locally: The JAMN Town Hall Project

JAMN aims to build a strong climate, social and economic justice fusion movement at the local and state level, through education and legislation, mobilizing primarily through coordinated Town Hall meetings.

A main purpose of the Town Meetings is to catalyze local JAMN coalitions that continue to organize climate justice conferences, lobby for legislation, organize rallies, protests, marches and music events.

Town Hall meetings promote local environmental justice legislation pertaining to renewable energy, or action pertaining to ash landfills, power plant pollution, oil pipelines, incinerators, etc.

The Town Halls also feature JAMN supported legislative initiatives such as the Climate and Jobs Resolution which calls for advancing a 50% renewable energy goal by 2030, and net zero greenhouse emissions by 2050.  

The JAMN national organizing strategy is focused on these target states: North Carolina, South Carolina, Wisconsin, California, New York, Michigan, Florida, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Virginia, Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona and Georgia.


Forming a Town Hall Committee

The first step is to create a local JAMN Town Hall committee to determine partners, agenda, location, speakers, organizing a diverse morally-driven fusion network by enrolling faith ministers, people of color, indigenous peoples, environmentalists, progressives, civil rights advocates, anti-poverty advocates, women, peace activists, the LGBT community, etc, and convincing them that by joining in unison we can create a powerful climate and social change movement.

Each local and state JAMN Town Hall network should work with the national organization to build its local fundraising capabilities and infrastructure, in order to finance ongoing legislative and electoral campaigns.