Our Mission: Bringing the Movements Together

By standing together in solidarity we can reach the critical mass needed to save our ecosystems and build a healthy society that we can pass on to future generations.  

The JAM Network is helping to build a powerful multi-racial, multi-cultural, multi-faith fusion network to mitigate climate chaos and transform society toward justice and sustainability. 

We are organizations and activists, scientists and faith leaders, educators and legislators, farmers, workers, entrepreneurs, students and artists.

Working collectively as a beloved community of social change, we are building the political and electoral arm of the climate change movement. 


We are proposing to transition America towards a net zero greenhouse gas emissions national goal by 2050 through a comprehensive Green New Deal that creates full employment and ends poverty through renewable and energy efficiency jobs, and sustainable economic development.

To achieve this goal, we must build solidarity, resources, political will, and strategic unity to defeat the well-funded “fossil fuel/climate denial industrial complex” through people power.

Healing a Systemic Crisis

Global climate change is the greatest threat facing the Earth’s fragile ecosystems and human civilization. Climate chaos may bring mass extinction or dislocation of all species, including the human race, within the next 100 years. 

Growing injustice in our social, political and economic systems both contribute to climate and ecological imbalance, and prevent meaningful action to change our course. 

We recognize that the climate movement must – for both moral and strategic reasons - broaden to embrace social and economic justice, and join the fight to restore and protect the democratic process.

The JAM Network is committed to:

Standing with those who fight for equality, economic justice, environmental justice, ending mass incarceration, universal health care, full employment, fair wages, expanding the middle class and Social Security, immigration rights reform, and ending wars of aggression. 

Ending voter suppression, gerrymandering, stolen elections, and the corruption of money in politics that serves the interests of powerful polluters.

Only by building such a diverse, inclusive network will the climate justice movement have a significant impact on the Congress, White House, state and local government policies.

Reverend Lennox Yearwood, Hip Hop Caucus Founder and JAMN Steering Committee Co-Chair

Reverend Lennox Yearwood, Hip Hop Caucus Founder and JAMN Steering Committee Co-Chair